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Americana Prim's Have Arrived

By Sandra.D - Posted on 29 April 2010

Hello there... I have begun my new line of Americana Primitives for this season. Please check out my new Prim's, I think you'll really love them. I have a few Mother's Day items as well. I have been trying to keep different Prim's on eBay and my Website.

It's been kind of nippy here lately, just when we thought Spring was in full gear it gets cold again...brrr. I'm almost finished with the new vegetable bed, waiting on a sifter to finish getting all those rocks out of the soil before planting. It's almost time to plant so I'm right on track. I sure hope it turns out, it's been years since I've planted a vegetable garden, I mostly garden with flowers but lately my interest are on good healthy organic food so my own plantings so do the trick.

Here's a few pictures from the backyard.